To our Captured Detroit fans – we recently played an outdoor festival in Tipton, Indiana and had a really great time with a very enthusiastic audience. We were forwarded the message below from one of the festival organizers and we thought it would be good to share with all of you. We are humbled and grateful for all the love from our fans!

To all- from Chris M.

I wanted to share a true “feel good” story – but wanted to wait until everything was pretty well wrapped up and everyone was home (hopefully) resting after such a successful festival…

Between Journey and Fleetwood Mac last night, I left the main stage to get drinks. I was stopped by a woman who I would say was around 65 years old. She knew that I was associated with the Festival because I was still in my pink t-shirt. She said that her husband wanted to tell me something. He was seated in a chair far back/center stage and was wearing a Journey concert t-shirt, a Cubs hat and sunglasses. He said to me how much he enjoyed the concert and how big of a Journey fan he is. I told him that I agreed and that I was a big fan as well.

He kind of grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. He said, “they sound so much like what I remember Journey sounding like. You may not know this……but I’m blind. I lost my sight 20 years ago. I can’t see what they look like, but I saw Journey live 8 times before I lost my sight. Hearing them sing…’s almost as though I could see again”. YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT A LUMP IN MY THROAT and TEARS WELLING UP……..

I thanked him so much and told him maybe we somehow selected “Journey” to perform……just for him.
I wasn’t on my game…….or else, I would have gotten his name and phone number. At least, where he was from! He was not from here……I didn’t recognize him at all.

To a lot of people…….we simply help to put on a small town festival. I am not sure that any of us know how deeply we touch people’s lives at times…….. I am so proud of our Festival!!!! This year wasn’t a home run – it was grand slam after grand slam……..YOU should be proud of your contribution!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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